Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Cheng Zhi Chao (10)

Anyone can be a good leader as long as they possess the skill to do it. Some say leaders are born; others say leaders are made. I think that both qualifies, but there is no better leader between the two. It takes skill and experience to be a good leader, and having the ability to think for self and others, and be able to make others do things for good purposes.

A good leader plans well and has good foresight. He or she has the ability to look out for opportunities and turn them to his or her advantage, as well as for the well-being of her followers. A leader can survive a crisis, however, they must also know how to handle it so everyone can work together to solve it. Sometimes, a crisis can be a opportunity. In 1929, Hitler knew about the Great Depression and thus there was unemployment in Germany. he promised jobs for the unemployed, and compulsory military service for men, and introduced building projects. This is how leaders can gain support; by turning problems to their advantage and gain support from people.

Leaders must be able to take charge of his followers. He must be able to settle disputes amongst his people as well as find out ways to make them happy. Yes, leaders are important, but without followers, a leader will have no one to lead. Leaders all have a common goal to share their views with their followers so they understand what he/she is doing, and so they can give support as well.

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