Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 Loh Ching Wei, Joshua (12)

Great leaders must be caring, understanding, consistent, and be able to communicate and collaborate with their subordinates. He/She can inspire his workers to strive for the best. A great leader should be willing to accept challenges, be determined enough to lead his team through it and be able to go out of his comfort zone. And that is why the way a leader manages his team under pressure will determine how well a group will perform. A great leader knows how to appreciate differences. Instead of fighting over people's differences, a great leader knows how to utilise different people's strength and talent to strengthen his/her team performance.  Great leaders must be able to serve the people under him too and be willing to learn from them while at the same time teaching them. Furthermore, leaders are made, not born!   Anyone can become a leader as long as they follow the above principles.

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