Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3—Tor Ming En (22)

What traits does a leader possess?

The five leadership traits are honesty, forward-looking, competent, inspiring and intelligent. Honesty is important; if leaders are not honest, no one will be willing to listen to them, for fear of being cheated. Some leaders are also forward-looking, like Nelson Mandela, who is an activist against apartheid before being imprisoned for his cause. Those forward-looking leaders know what they want to achieve and which direction they are heading to; they are also good when it comes to planning, strategizing and thinking about the future.

Competency, on the other hand, is another trait a leader should possess. Many people will want to follow a competent leader; however, being over competent will cause others to think that one is very arrogant. Being inspiring is also important, as it tells people how one is going to change the world, thus many people will follow an inspiring leader. Last but not least, a leader must also have intelligence, which can be demonstrated by one's behavior and attitude. Being intelligent can also convince others to follow one to achieve a common goal.

How do you think a good leader manages crisis under stressful situations?

A good leader is calm and composed when he is managing any crisis under stressful situations. He will not be overwhelmed by his emotions; instead, he will think of the people whom he is leading rather than himself. A good leader is decisive and courageous during times of need, and they will be willing to take risks to overcome obstacles in their way. Finally, a good leader will also be determined to solve the crisis under stressful situations; he will force themselves to solve the problem by hook or by crook, so as to get the team out of the slump they are in.

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